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I created and launched the Pro-Unions Web website in 2005 at the beginning of the second Bush term in office. I had noticed a need for an alternative Union Member website, one that welcomes all Union Members. Whether they be an IBEW, UAW, CAW or AFL-CIO member, this is a website where they can all come to.

I'm troubled with the political message of blaming Union Members in the U.S. and Canada for the 2 countries financial woes. Why is it when a large corporation moves it's operations overseas in order to cut labor cost and increase their profits, that's o.k.? But when the working Joe or Jane wants to earn a decent wage to provide for their families or just simply get ahead, the employees are branded as undeserving or greedy? Keep in mind, the only reason Unions ever came into existence was because of the abuses companies and their management would levy on employees when they are unchallenged by a united workers' voice. Anyone who believes companies when left alone to police themselves will ensure a safe and prosperous employment opportunity for its workers has not worked on a manufacturing assembly line, as I have in a N.J. flat glass factory, that is for sure.

Initially our goal for being successful wasn’t just to be the most popular Pro-Union site, it was to help Union Members get their message out on the internet. But over the years, not only have we been able to help Union Members with those messages, we have indeed become the number 1 information and resource website for Union Members in the U.S. and Canada.

I look forward to taking on the challenges coming up in the future of an anti-union movement which is based on political motives of those who are self serving.


William Gamble
Pro-Unions Web


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